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Jui Juisu seminar Matrial Arts Sport Club Ronin 20th anniversary


Jui Juisu camp in Stockholm


08.10.2015 World congress
in Poland

World congress Barcelona

World congress Portugal

Updated Black belts page

WEBBS world congress, Canada,Montreal

New Training schedule added

Goshin-jutsu Seminar in Vantaa Finland
Sep 3.-4./2011

New "Dans" page and new gallery to Photos added

Jukoshin Ryu Ju Jutsu Seminar
in Oulu, Finland Dec 3.-5.2010.
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3rd open GOSHIN-JUTSU Seminar
22.-23. May 2010
in Vantaa, FINLAND.

New Goshin-jutsu Seminar DVDs now available!!
Saturday Tatams 1 and 2
Sunday Tatams 1 and 2
All together 4 DVDs
Price 15e ea, or 25e 2ea

2nd Finnish open Goshin-jutsu seminar held succesfully in Vantaa. Special thanks to Soke Bryan Cheek.
Group image available in "photos"-section

2nd open GOSHIN-JUTSU Seminar
16.- 17.May.2009
in Vantaa, FINLAND.
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Self defence seminar, Switzerland
Check out: www.sanbudo.ch and

Yaku-Kobu-Jitsu Seminar, Switzerland
Check out: www.yaku-kobu-jitsu.com ja W.E.B.B.S-EUROPE

Jukoshin Ryu Jiu-Jitsu Cource, Switzerland
starts in 13.03.2009.
Check out: www.jukoshinryu.ch ja W.E.B.B.S-EUROPE


Jukoshin Ryu Ju Jutsu Seminar in Oulu,
Finland, 13.-14.December 2008

1st W.E.B.B.S. Open in Switzerland
14.-15. February 2009

WEBBS World congress in Vejle, Denmark
18th to 21st of September.

International Goshin jutsu Seminar in Finland in May 17.-18.2008


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Goshin-jutsu can be translated as self-defence technique. Thus, it describes well the style of Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin: every technique, independent of its origin or original sports, is adjusted for self-defence purposes. Goshin-jutsu is very famous all over the world, because many different sports from karate to traditional wrestling are practiced under this name. Especially in the USA, there exists a number of goshin-jutsu clubs, which represent many different sports and styles of martial arts. Aim of adjusting their techniques especially for self-defence purposes is common for all of these clubs.

Goshin-jutsu in Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin includes:

about 85 % of modern ju-jitsu
and all together about 15 % of judo, karate, boxing, kick boxing, weapon techniques and nerve point techniques.

Modern ju-jitsu, in this context, means mainly Jukoryu ju-jitsu and graduation system of Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin follows mainly techniques of that style. Even though, matching has also an important role in the program of the club, and graduation of higher degree belts includes always matching session. Due to the philosophy of the Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin, even the good techniques are only formal and the trainee will not reach the realistic perspective of fighting without matching, that can happen standing, on the ground or by attacking and defending your self in turn.

The purpose of the goshin-jutsu in our Club is to develop both mental and physical shape of trainee. Trainings respond to the level of trainees skills by demanding more from the more experienced trainers. The idea is to integrate the trainee to the demands of the sports and not vice versa. Goshin-jutsu suits as well for women as men. Because of the dangerous nature of the techniques, we teach goshin-jutsu mainly for the people of age over 18.


History and current situation

Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin is a combat sports club that was found autumn 1996 by five people (Tero Kukkonen, Jarmo Nykyri, Heini Kauppinen, Tiina Paju and Marko Alander) living in the capital region of Finland. The founders had trained ju-jitsu and other combat sports before. Tero Kukkonen (1st Dan at that time) was elected to chairman of the club. Nowadays (October 2016), there are two of the founders, Tero Kukkonen (8th Dan, Shihan and chairman of the club) and Jarmo Nykyri (3rd Dan, vice chairman of the club) participating the activities of the club.

Shihan Tero Kukkonen 8th Dan ______Sensei Jarmo Nykyri 3rd Dan

Trainings of the club consist of modern ju-jitsu and other combat sports such as kick boxing, boxing, karate, judo, weapon techniques (modern weapons) and nerve point techniques. The style of the club is goshin-jutsu, which can be translated as self-defence technique. Martial Arts Sports Club Roni is member of the Finnish Goshin-jutsu Federation 2000 and W.E.B.B.S. international.

Grades in the club follow the order, that is commonly used in ju-jitsu, judo and karate in northern countries: white, yellow, orange, green, blue and brown belt, which are so called kyu or student degrees, and black belt (1-10 Dan or so called instructor degrees). Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin does not recognize any person or master of any style for its own great master. The open-minded attitude towards all sports and styles without commitment to any of them has always been the policy of the club. This explains also the name of the club.

Trainings are nowadays held in the Hakunila Dojo. There are four guided trainings weekly and the members of the club can also practice in so called free trainings. Club organizes different budo seminars on its own influence region.

"Some history of word RONIN"

On 11th century in Japan, the name ronin was given for farmers that deserted their land to prevent the overwhelming taxes and moved to other regions, which were not yet owned by the Buddha monasteries or aristocracy. On Edo era (1603-1868), ronin was a bushi or warrior that did not serve any particular master because this was dead or had lost his land. Many ronins founded schools teaching fighting skills in them or carried out their samurai etiquette serving as bodyguards or protectors of villages. One of the most famous ronin was Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) who taught ken-jutsu.

Shihan Tero Kukkonen 8th Dan

The founder of the Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin, Main Instructor, Chairman and W.E.B.B.S. Representative in Finland and W.E.B.B.S INT Vice President.

Has been trained Combat Sports for over 35 years (situation in 2016), of which 30 years Ju-Jitsu. Alongside Ju-jitsu has also trained Boxing, Kick-boxing, Kobu-jitsu, and Kyoshu-jitsu. His Ju-Jitsu career started in 1987 and still goes on.

Achievements so far:
-1.Dan Ju-Jutsu 1993, (Sensei Derrol Connelly)
-4.Dan Goshin Jutsu 2005 (Sensei Jorma Kivinen)
-7.Dan Atari Ryu Goshin Jutsu 2016, (Hanshi Per Lindmark)
-8.Dan Ju-jutsu 2017, (Soke Bryan Cheek)

Shihan is an instructorfor of law-enforcement, he was the first law-enforcement trainer of Military Police in the Reserve in Helsinki in 90`s (95 and 96). He was also a Self-defence trainer of Stadin Sissit, a Club of Officers in the Reserve in Helsinki in 90`s ( 90-96)

Has instructed several Self defence courses to various goups (in Schools, in Business world and in different Clubs

The founder of Finnish Goshinjutsu Federation and a Secretary of it.


Shihan Tero Kukkonen is the founder of two Ju-Jitsu clubs in Finland, both of them are currently active:
-Fudoshin in 1994, daitoryu aiki-jujutsu,
-Martial arts Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin in 1996, goshin jutsu

Jarmo Nykyri 3rd Dan

The founder of Matial Arts Sports Club Ronin. Has trained a lot of Combat Sports, alongside Ju-Jitsu, for example Karate and Judo.
Was promoted to the 3rd dan in Ju-Jitsu May 2010

Sensei Hannu Määttänen 3rd Dan

The Club`s Samurai "Iron-Hannu" gloriously graduated his 3rd Dan in W.E.B.B.S seminar in Stockholm 2017.

Toni Jansson 2nd Dan

Toni Jansson started Ju-Jitsu in 2004. Toni Jansson gained the rank of 2nd Dan in May 2017.

Sensei Rikhard Luoto 1st Dan

This veteran budoka started his Ju-Jutsu career in 1979 picking up experience in kendo and karate along the way also. Although there have been some long breaks, he attained through dedicated practice the rank of 1st Dan in May 2010.


There is no exercise arranged in Hakunila dojo for the time being !

At Hakunila Dojo, Harmotie 1, Vantaa
(in public bomb shelter)

Winter season 1.Sep - 31.May

Monday Thursday Saturday
Belt techniques,
On the ground techniques,
On the ground matching
18.30 - 20.00
Self defence

Fitness kickboxing


Basic courses: Mon 18:00-19.30 (optional) Sat 11:00-12:00 (optional)

Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin does not provide any Insurance coverage for it's practitioners, instead we recommend for individuals to arrange their own insurance plans.

There is no Basic Courses held for the time being


Basic courses are arranged usually in two times a year. Besides the dojo behavior and moving techniques, trainings on these courses are mainly concentrated on the different break away and ukemi i.e. falling techniques. The basic course usually lasts about three months and after the course follows the yellow belt graduation. After the successful graduation, there is the possibility of joining as a member of the club.

For more information: kukkonen_tero@hotmail.com

Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin does not provide any Insurance coverage for it's practitioners, instead we recommend for individuals to arrange their own insurance plans.

Training times of the basic course
18:00-19.30 (optional)
11:00-12:00 (optional)

         HALL OF FAME



  Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin 20 years

Training in autumn 2002

Training in autumn 2004

Graduation day in december 2005

Jiu-Jitsu seminar in Oulu, Finland 2005

Graduation day in may 2006

London seminar, 2007

Jiu-Jitsu seminar in Basel, Switzerland 2007

Jiu-Jitsu seminar in Oulu, Finland 2007

1st Goshin-jutsu seminar in Vantaa, Finland may 2008. Klick here for high resolution photo

1st Goshin-jutsu seminar gallery

W.E.B.B.S World Congress in Denmark 09/2008

Oulu Seminar 2008

2. Goshin-Jutsu seminar in Vantaa 05/2009. Klick here for high resolution photo

Oulu seminar 2009

3rd Goshin-Jutsu Seminar in Vantaa, Finland 22.-23.5.2010

Training at Dojo Jan/10/2011

Budoseura Ronin in Apr/2011

Hanbo training day Apr 7.2012/ Visitors from Spain




Jukoshin Ryu Ju Jutsu Seminar
in Oulu, Finland Dec 3.-5.2010.
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About W.E.B.B.S.

WEBBS is open to all Martial Arts systems and styles, all serious Martial Arts students can apply for membership regardless of creed, colour or ethnic origins. Membership is free to selected Martial Arts students and only these persons will be accepted after consideration by the World panel. On acceptance to the free lifetime membership, the student will receive a WEBBS badge and membership card. WEBBS is a non profit making Society of friends, therefore only Martial Artists willing to freely share their knowledge should apply for membership. The object of WEBBS is to provide Martial Artists from around the world a platform to display their skills and to enable contact with like minded people world wide. Should you wish to apply for a free lifetime membership to WEBBS, you should first contact the advertised International Co-ordinator (I.C.) for your region or the National WEBBS representative for your country.


in Finnish

Shihan Tero Kukkonen 8th Dan
W.E.B.B.S representative Finland
W.E.B.B.S INT Vice President